Wednesday, October 26, 2011

USA Today, Neanderthal Metaliteracy?

So, many of us have seen the video now of the toddler who rapidly loses interest in magazines, having become completely accustomed to the i Pad in her life.   Here we see the rookies, who will become the veteran meta literacy specialists, the mavericks, frontiersmen, and front-runners.   I think back on what it meant to find the USA Today issues filled with charts, graphs, photos and graphics, and an ever-diminishing content of words. What happened to that newspaper?  The intention was news that didn't cause too much anxiety, made the world easier to take, and digestion possible for even the dyspeptic among us. It was a capital sponge, soaking up great infusions of cash for over a decade before turning a profit, sixteen years after the first issue.   We were, as a reading people, slow to turn away from all the news that's fit to print.
No doubt about the fact that inter-disciplinary presentation of information allows for greater understanding, crosses all sorts of disability boundaries, and considers learning styles, a long abandoned approach to dismal public education statistics, in favor of the all children positioned  behind corporate-test-production.   Too, I think we are witnessing rapid adaptation of our sense organs towards multi-tasking at a level that would confuse a palm-pilot.  Yet, I cannot help but wonder what becomes of that word, all of those words, that left it up to the reader to see the color, hear the shouts, picture the lightening, feel the grief.


Friday, October 14, 2011


Most of us are thoroughly interested in the Wall St. Occupation, whether it's as a supporter, participant, or dissenter.  It's catchy, and catching, clearly spreading like a seasonal shift, throughout the nation.
Today's intention of cleaning up the park( Denver's endeavor  is long underway), has been stalled for now, but the point is that it is in the very least, annoying enough to induce such a thought.  Douglas Rushkoff, via CNN, states, "Anyone who says he has no idea what these folks are protesting is not being truthful. Whether we agree with them or not, we all know what they are upset about, and we all know that there are investment bankers working on Wall Street getting richer while things for most of the rest of us are getting tougher. What upsets banking's defenders and politicians alike is the refusal of this movement to state its terms or set its goals in the traditional language of campaigns."
Exactly.   How the absurd comments demanding a more specific demand, are even coming out of mouths, is beyond me.  Tea Party members are crazed by the idea losing first place in  the grass-root movement competition?  REALLY, wait, REALLY?  The non-issue of the century has just arrived, and what is their action?  To seek financial support ostensibly to fight this most recent crop of  dirty hippies, by running background checks, and basically using all the old FBI techniques from the sixties and seventies.  If you look at the Tea Party membership, included are plenty of people who are not wealthy, have serious religious convictions that they feel are being violated, and look for the very same turnover of the system that the OWS movement advocates.   Divisions, divisions, always the saddest part of the human experience. Let's not let the media or the ignorant continue to create chasms of mistrust.


Monday, October 10, 2011

As I read the posts from those who are interested in the American Fall, watch the videos, and speak directly to those who've attended, I am so impressed with the range of emotion.  Those who are involved, are hopeful beyond expectation.  Hope springs eternal, right?  It is contagious and synergistic, and the involvement of youth, bumps it exponentially higher.  
  On the other hand, I do not understand the venomous attacks from those who seem to find it reprehensible.  The mere fact that someone out there, let alone many people out there, have made the TIME in life to demonstrate, appears to topple the anthill for some.  This 'get to work' mentatlity is the machine that has manufactured the lavish heel that is grinding us further into the parched earth.