Saturday, September 24, 2011

What of this space junk?

It occurs to me that the information we are getting about the re-deposited UARS/ space junk is emblematic of this process, of planet-wide, fast-moving information, shared by anyone who has it.   We had to wait and see, despite the best estimates of the Harvard Astrophysicists, still, it was wait and see.   So, as to the communication piece, anything you read about it now, from the gambling stories to the debris chasers, is all light-hearted and fun.  The fact is that many people who knew it was coming, were anxious over it.  A one in thirty-two hundred chance is not such slim odds, and that is NASA's estimate of the likelihood of a personal splat.   Those are far stronger odds than a young athlete has of making it as a professional, yet it clearly happens.
  My point:   As information is so readily shared, the inherent value of emotional expression and release can not be understated.   In this course, I will look for the flow of the personal, within the seemingly impersonal format.
  As for me, I'm student in the ESC/ CMC11 class, and live in the Mid-Hudson Valley of NY.